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Lawn Leveling Rake – 77cm Yard Leveller Tool

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Superior Build Quality Stainless Steel Level Lawn Rake.

Level Lawn tool for easy spreading of fertilizer, soil, sand & gravel.

  • Pro 77 – Ground Plate Size: 77 cm x 25 cm x 3 cm
  • Pro 77 – Premium Metal Handle for ultimate Strength & Stability

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Lawn Leveling Rake for easy spreading and grading of compost, soil, sand and gravel.

Level your yard or lawn quickly and easily with our professional Yard Leveler Tool with 2 sizes of ground plate (77cm and 92cm).

Flattening and soil topdressing any type of grass is now fast & efficient with the Level Lawn Rake.

Lawn Levelling Rake Tool is the ideal tool for the DIY gardener and professional landscaper. Used by greenskeepers and sports facilities worldwide for general maintenance of both natural and artificial surfaces.

Our lawn leveling rake Canada provides manoeuvrability, mobility, and functionality. Saving your valuable time and avoids backache.

Anti-Rust and Anti Corrosive Stainless Steel Quality Construction of our Level Lawn Rake with double spot welding. Stainless steel is low maintenance and its resistance to oxidation and staining makes it an ideal material for outdoor use. Please note, unlike many other models, both the handle and the soil leveling tool plate/ head are made of stainless steel. This makes the Lawn Leveler tough enough to deal with forceful use (ie spreading gravel and pebbles) and ensures it remains weatherproof. Regardless of the amount of work it does, the Lawn Leveling Rake will last for many years.

Designed in the UK, the lawn level rake is Handmade for Quality and Durability. The Lawn Leveller is extremely efficient and easy to use. Our Lawn Levelling Rake has been specifically designed and tested to ensure perfect balance and weight distribution for comfortable use during a longer than normal work project.

The Soil Leveler Level Rake Spreading Plate is a heavy-duty design with 3 inner bars plus front and rear bars strongly braced at each end for additional strength. The design of the 2 section handle also ensures that it remains stable under pressure, for ultimate Strength & Stability unlike multi-section handles. The handle also rotates to ground level for longer reach. It isMade to endure the toughest of projects.

Our Unique locking pin design system does away with the inconvenience of bolted plates, making the Yard Leveler Tool extremely easy to assembly and disassemble with no tools needed. This ensures that once you have finished using your Lawn Leveller, all you need to do is remove the pins, and the plate is then separate from the handle for easy storage. Another disadvantage of bolted plates is that the bolts may come loose or shear during use, meaning you have to stop working, find a spanner to tighten the bolts or find a replacement bolt.

The Level Lawn Rake is suitable for both amateur gardeners & DIY enthusiasts, in addition to professional / commercial use. The Lawn Leveling Rake is the ultimate tool for distributing leveling materials and topdressing mix for your lawn. It removes stones, breaks up small clumps of earth, and produces a smooth flat surface. Rather than using a landscape rake or push broom, you will achieve a much better result at final leveling.

Our 77cm and 92cm Levelling Rakes are used extensively by home owners for lawn maintenance, gardening, yard work and building projects.

Our popular Leveling Rake 92cm is regularly used by landscapers and greenskeepers, indicating that it is highly regarded by these industry professionals.

The Level Lawn Rake is the perfect maintenance tool for golf course superintendents, making their job more efficient and easier with the care and upkeep of the greens etc. Lawn Leveller tool is also ideal for the upkeep of cricket pitches.

We pride ourselves on our Customer Service on our lawn leveling equipment website, with over 6 years of experience in manufacturing and selling our Lawn Level Rake. Please do not hesitate in contacting us with any questions or concerns.

The Lawn Levelling rake is the easy way to spread and level the soil under your new turf for a smooth and stunning result or over existing turf to level out those annoying bumps and mounds on your lawn. Achieving a picture perfect lawn is now easily attainable, without the expense of bringing in the professionals, using our Lawn Level Rake. For your regular lawn maintenance to prepare your lawn in Spring and ready for wintering in the Fall months, the Soil Leveler is the ultimate gardening tool for topdressing your lawn.

Top dressing a lawn is the procedure of spreading a thin layer of usually compost or sand (or both) over all your lawn, or certain areas of your lawn requiring repair. This layer should only be approximately a 1/4″ or .64cm and is meant to improve the soil quality of your lawn whilst allowing the existing grass to grow through the top dressing material mixture.

The lawn leveler is designed to handle every job, including the tougher spreading jobs. The head is made from top quality, hardwearing non-rusting stainless steel which is strongly braced at each end for additional strength.

The durable, lightweight, yet strong design of this lawn leveler makes it ideal for spreading screened topsoil, breaking up heavy soil and spreading mounds of material.

The three inner bars of the yard leveller tool are open at the top and tend to catch any small stones in the dressing. The front and rear bars are angled to remove any excess material.

So easy to use the lawn leveling rake with a back and forth motion, which evenly distributes top dressing and other materials on all sizes of yard or garden. It distributes application materials, removes stones from soil, breaks up small clods of sand or loam and soothes soil for planting.

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Stainless Steel

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10 reviews for Lawn Leveling Rake – 77cm Yard Leveller Tool

  1. Kalpesh Uppal – Charlottetown, PEI

    My lawn levelling tool is an amazing piece of gardening equipment.

    So easy to use and saves the expense of bringing in the professionals for the bigger jobs.

  2. Cooper Martel – Moncton, NB

    Very well made tool and certainly built to last. Glad I didn’t go for a cheaper option which I would have to replace in a season or 2.

  3. Anderson Cote – St. Albert, AB

    Really good quality product and perfect for the job it was intended to do. It has made my Spring lawn maintenance fast and efficient, and the results are incredible. My lawn has never looked so good at this time of year!

  4. Theo Clarke – Vancouver, BC

    Was unsure as to how I would work with a lawn leveller, so opted for the 77cm. This gardening tool is so easy to use and I really could have bought the larger 92cm as I have so much area to work on. It is a pleasure to use and makes lighter work of the really tough jobs.

  5. Philippe Dufresne – Niagara Falls, ON

    Fantastic quality and durability for the price. A real pleasure to use!

  6. Josh Greenhaugh – Dieppe, NB

    I wanted a heavy duty lawn levelling tool, as need for lawn and general yard maintenance. This one certainly fits the bill and is worth paying a few extra dollars for, as not the cheapest on the market but should last for many years.

  7. Brian Lueng – Clarington, ON

    Such a great garden tool for spreading everything from topsoil to gravel. It really has saved me hours of normally back aching work and with excellent results. Spending the money on this lawn leveller rake is well worth it!

  8. Laura Sartre – Laval, QB

    Perfect weight and size for me and my husband. Does an excellent job on lawns and pathways.

  9. Reviewers Name Here

    Just delivered! Well packed and speedy delivery. Levelling rake looks great and very sturdy. Looking forward to using this weekend.

  10. Gabriel Simard – Kanata, ON

    Great product. Easy to assemble. Not yet used, so will try to update my review.

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