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Lawn Leveling Rake 77cm | 92cm Soil Leveller Tool

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Superior Quality Stainless Steel Soil Leveler Tool.

Multi-purpose Lawn Level Rake for distribution of mulch, soil, sand & gravel

Level your lawn quickly & easily with our professional landscaping Lawn Leveler


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What can I use the Lawn Leveling Rake For?

Lawn Levelling Rake is multi-purpose and can be used for lawn maintenance, gardening, yard work, farming, building projects, golf courses & sports complexes. Using the lawn leveling rake is so much quicker and more efficient than using any standard landscaping rake.

Level Lawn Rake tools are perfect for leveling or grading gravel or topsoil, dirt, mulch, sand and fertilizer. It is the essential tool when you are topdressing your lawn and works on all types of grass (Ryegrass, Fescue, St Augustine, Bermuda, Bentgrass, Centipede, Bluegrass and Zoysia).

Lawn Level Rake for leveling your lawn or yard quickly and easily with 2 ground plate sizes (77cm/30” or 92cm/36”) of our professional lawn levelling tools.

Our Lawn Leveller provides manoeuvrability, mobility, and functionality. Saving you valuable time and avoiding backache.

Is the Lawn Levelling Rake suitable for both Amateur Gardeners & DIY enthusiasts and Professional / Commercial use?

Both our 77cm and 92cm Leveling Rake are used extensively by homeowners for lawn maintenance, gardening, yard work and building projects.

Our popular Lawn Levelling Rake 92cm is regularly used by landscapers and greenskeepers, indicating that it is highly regarded by these industry professionals.

The Levelling Lawn Rake is the perfect maintenance tool for golf course superintendents, making their job more efficient and easier with the care and upkeep of the greens etc. Lawn Leveller tool is also ideal for the upkeep of cricket pitches.


What material is the Lawn Levelling Lute made of to ensure it will be strong and durable and last many years?

Lawn Lute Levelling Rake is constructed of top-quality Anti-Rust & Anti Corrosive Stainless Steel for extended service life and user-friendly design. Please note, unlike many other models, both the handle and the levelling lawn rake plate/ head are made of stainless steel. This makes it tough enough to deal with forceful use (i.e., spreading gravel and pebbles) and ensures it remains weatherproof.

This high-quality stainless steel not only prevents corrosion and other forms of damage from general use but gives the Leveling Rake its strength and durability to ensure you work more efficiently and save time and energy. It will look great and using it will be a pleasure.

Whatever the amount of work the Lawn Leveler does, sturdy materials and construction efficiently extend service life to ensure your levelling rake will be used for many years.

How can I be sure this Lawn Leveller is efficient and easy to use?

Lawn leveller rake has been carefully designed and tested in the UK to provide perfect balance and weight distribution for comfortable use over extended periods of time. Levelling Lawn Rake Spreading Plate is a heavy-duty design with 3 inner bars plus front and rear bars strongly braced at each end for additional strength.

The Lawn Levelling Lute is precision made for Quality and Durability. Our Levelling Lawn Rake is made to endure the toughest of projects. The durable, lightweight, yet strong design of this lawn leveller makes it ideal for spreading screened topsoil, breaking up heavy soil and spreading mounds of material.

The Lawn Leveler has three inner bars that are open at the top and catch any small stones and debris in the dressing. The front and rear bars ensure any excess material is removed.

Simple to use the Lawn Leveller with a back-and-forth motion, which evenly distributes top dressing materials on any size area. It distributes application materials, removes stones from soil, breaks up small clods of sand or loam and soothes soil for planting or laying new sod.

Does the Level Lawn Rake have a Warranty?

We offer a 1 Year Limited Warranty.

Do you have the Lawn Levelling Rake in stock for immediate packaging and shipping to customers?

Yes, we always have them in stock so that your order will be processed and shipped to you within 24hours.

How long after I order can I expect my Level Lawn Lute to be delivered to me?

Our orders are normally processed and shipped to our customers within 24 hours. We offer Free Express DHL Tracked Shipping and therefore you should expect your Lawn Leveling Rake to be delivered to you in approximately 5 days. Please see further details on our Shipping Page.

What are my payment options once I have decided to order my Lawn Leveling Rake?

We offer our customers 2 Secure Payment options:-

1.  PayPal.  Regardless of whether you have a PayPal account or not, you can use this method. Many customers buying online prefer this option as you get double protection for your purchase, protection from both PayPal and your financial institution. If you do not have an account with PayPal just use your regular Credit Card when prompted during the PayPal checkout process.

2.  Major Credit Cards. To use this option simply enter your card details, billing details and check the T&C’s and Privacy Policy when checking out. You will get full protection from your financial institution in the rare event that you have a problem during your transaction with Level Lawn Canada.

For your convenience we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Credit Cards.

Can I pay for my Lawn Leveling Rake in instalments?

We are now delighted to offer our customers the option of paying by instalments.

Due to our excellent reputation with PayPal we have been approved to offer this option to our customers. With Covid, and now the Russian crisis we know the general public and businesses are experiencing difficulties at this time. We hope that this option is available for you. Level Lawn Ltd Canada do not have any say on who is eligible for this offer. The decision is made solely by PayPal based on your account history with them. We cannot change or influence their decision. If you qualify this option will be shown automatically during the Checkout Process.

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77cm (30"), 92cm (36")


Stainless Steel


77cm, 92cm







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31 reviews for Lawn Leveling Rake 77cm | 92cm Soil Leveller Tool

  1. Todd Tremblay – London, Ontario

    Much better than using a regular rake or some of the other types of landscape tools. Allows the grass to stand up through the media. Recommend to all gardeners.

  2. Evan Ferguson – Blainville, QB

    Recently bought this yard leveller tool after watching the demonstration video on the website. Always good to see the product in action! It certainly is a sturdy, well designed piece of gardening equipment and is proving to be extremely useful, as well as a please to use. Its something I’ll be using for many years to come. Thanks!

  3. Sam Bergeron – Red Deer, AB

    Brilliant product. What a pity I did not have it a couple of years ago when we moved into this property and I had all the yard to work on. Just relieved to have it now to top-dress my lawns this year. Will save me hours of heavy work!

  4. Robert Moore – Oshawa, ON

    Great design and ideal weight. I used it to level off my soil before laying sod. Worked well on sand and soil.

  5. Theodore Pelletier – Charlesbourg, Quebec

    This lawn leveler certainly does what is intended to do. It leveled my soil better than any other tool including a landscaping rake. I was even moving freshly tilled soil which takes a bit more muscle, but it was so much easier when I added compost/topsoil/sand on top of existing grass.

  6. Patric St-Jean – Terrebonne, QB

    Sturdy and tough. Easy to work with.

  7. Charlton Schiffer – Niagara Falls, ON

    One of the best garden tools I have ever owned. Does an awesome job with so much less backbreaking work than your normal garden rake. Well worth the money and I would recommend to anyone if they are undecided about the initial investment.

  8. Douglas Levesque – Barnaby, BC

    Top soil levelling tool is strong and well designed. It worked well with spreading fertiliser and topsoil over grassed areas. Lawns are now level and the spreader meet and exceeded expectations.

  9. Colin Dube – London, ON

    Marvellous multipurpose tool! Perfect for the various maintenance projects I have planned around my property and already been put to good use topdressing my lawn this spring.

  10. Sandy Johnston – Norfolk County, ON

    Thank you for improving my gardening experience with this lawn levelling rake. Jobs which were normally tiresome and labour intensive are now so much less effort and more efficient.

  11. Chris Kelly – Oakville, ON

    Slightly more expensive than its budget challengers – but worth spending that little bit extra. Superior design making it more efficient to use, and strong, sturdy build. Perfect for us redoing some lawns around our property.

  12. Kavi Singh – Sudbury, ON

    Great piece of kit. Gets the job done quick and easy

  13. Cameron LeBlanc – Red Dear, AB

    Already used it in my backyard and making such a difference. Well designed and robust.

  14. James Bernier – Montreal, QB

    Great quality , strong and sturdy. I have been getting a lot of use out of it!

  15. Mona Bastien – Ile des Chenes, MB (verified owner)

    Perfect 50th birthday present. Very well received and put to excellent use. A mainstay of our garden tools.

  16. Randy Copthorne – Toronto, ON

    Gets the job done quickly and efficiently! Great quality at a good price!

  17. Miguel Piccolo – Vancouver, BC

    Excellent quality, super sturdy and the perfect size and weight for me to use. Could not have bought a better lawn leveller!

  18. Henry Lessard – Cornwall, ON

    My favourite gardening tool! Tackled topdressing my lawn in preparation for spring with ease. New gravel for driveway also distributed in less than half the time it normally takes.

  19. Theodore Mason – Surrey, BC

    Great design and weight. First used to level soil and sand base for turfing, which worked extremely well. Also does a great job on topsoil for lawns and gravel.

    • Lyndsie Price

      Thank you for taking the time to review for us. Great to hear you are so pleased with our Level Lawn and the results!

  20. Asher Louis – Westerose, AB (verified owner)

    Easy to hold/use and good value. Stainless steel build ensures strength and stability.

  21. Travis Anthony – Vancouver

    Very robust and well designed. Already well used and made a huge difference to my lawn maintenance. I now have a lawn I can be proud of, without suffering for days with an aching back!

    • Lyndsie – VIP Customer Care

      Thank you for taking the time to review for us. Great to hear you are so pleased with our Level Lawn and the results!

  22. Gordon- Charlottetown PEI (verified owner)

    5 stars aren’t nearly enough for the rake and service provided. I ordered at 11:30 Sunday night. I soon received an email saying I had given them a wrong Postal Code. I corrected it, then received another email at 1:13 AM saying the order was being processed. The rake arrived on my doorstep at 12:51PM on Thursday. 3 &1/2 days from ordering to delivery. A Cu. Yd. of topsoil was quickly spread and very easily leveled Friday evening, less than 5 days after it was ordered!! I am 67 years old and no one has ever called me a handyman, but this rake did an amazing job. Highly recommended.

    • Lyndsie – VIP Customer Care

      Many thanks Gordon, for taking the time to complete a review for us. It was our pleasure to provide this service to you, and we are so pleased to hear that you are enjoying using the rake.

  23. Alex Pearson – Toronto, Ontario

    Works likes a dream! Very well built, sturdy and so simple to use. Received in only 5 days from ordering. Very happy with it.

  24. Rahul Singh – Belleville, ON (verified owner)

    Practical, perfect weight, easy to use, sturdy and easy to store.

  25. Moira Hussain – Surrey (verified owner)

    Just what we needed for working on our lawn and driveway! Made levelling the new topsoil so easy. Good price.

  26. Justin Malik – St Catharines, Ontario

    Love my lawn levelling rake. Perfect birthday gift from my wife! Cant complain now about maintaining our lawn as this tool makes the work a pleasure and the results are amazing.

  27. Laurent Giroux – Drummondville, QC

    Great item, perfect for job of working on my lawn. Have various other areas of my yard where it will also be very useful.

  28. Earl Simmonds – Ladnar, BC (verified owner)

    Pleasure to work with and my yard is so much improved, I can be proud of it. Recommend to anyone struggling with their lawn care.

  29. Sam Johnstone – Brantford, Ontario

    My levelling rake order was processed and shipped very quickly, and arrived well packaged. Certainly performs as advertised and I am more than happy with the results.

  30. Raymond Locke – Charlottetown, PEI (verified owner)

    My lawn levelling rake is proving to be an exceptional addition to my gardening equipment. Top dressed my lawn for Spring in less than half the usual time. Spread new soil and compost over veggie garden for new planting with ease.

  31. Theo Darwin – White Rock, BC

    Exceptional service, fast delivery and my lawn leveller is so easy to use.

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